our staff

current staff

Gareth Smith – Executive Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Chantal Walker – Head of School (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Katherine Tickler – SENCO

Dee Goodwin – Attendance Officer

Charlotte McRae – Reception Class Teacher (Ark Class)

Peter Grimwood – Year 3/4 Class Teacher (Rainbow Class)

Hannah Bate – Year 4 Class Teacher (Lighthouse Class)

Grace Hanbury – Year 5 Class Teacher (Gospel Class)

David Olalere – Year 5 Class Teacher (Apostles Class)

Francesca Hemming – Year 5 Class Teacher (Doves Class)

Victoria Grimwood – Year 6 Class Teacher (Fishes Class)

Helen Gosling – Year 6 Class Teacher (Messengers Class)

Sarah Murphy – Year 6 Class Teacher (Prophets Class)

Charlotte Osborne – Year 6 Class Teacher (Prophets Class)

Susan Chappell – Teaching Assistant/Extended Provision

Kerry-Ann Chambers – Teaching Assistant/HLTA

Emma Cooper – Teaching Assistant/HLTA

Julie Dowsett – Teaching Assistant

Linda Goswell – Teaching Assistant

Donna Green – Teaching Assistant

Holly McAuliffe – Teaching Assistant/HLTA/Midday Supervisory Assistant

Rachel Nettleton – Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisory Assistant

Danielle Dammes – Pastoral Support Assistant

Rebecca Brownlow – Learning Mentor

Adele Haythorn – Extended Provision

Michele Garforth – Midday Supervisor

Veronica Clapton – Midday Supervisory Assistant

Sabrina Smith – Midday Supervisory Assistant

Razia Sultana – Midday Supervisory Assistant

Carole Wainwright – Midday Supervisory Assistant

Rebecca Eason – Finance and Administration Officer

Lee Metcalf – Area Site Manager

Richard Ames – Site Team

Ludmila Banu – Site Team

Ausra Vesteriene – Site Team